Download Clash of Clans for PC Tutorial

Clash of Clans for PC (Windows 7/8/XP) & APK Android Free Download

If you have been looking for an empire game then we are here to introduce to you clash of clans for PC. Yes! You are definitely going to like more as you play. As you know empire games are interesting because you build your own kingdom and you want to be stronger than any other. Clash of Clans is such a game and we are not only going to guide you on how you can download it but give you more information about it and its features. This will help you know what you are down loading and what you will encounter upon downloading.

Download Clash of Clans for PC Tutorial
Clash of Clans for PC

What is Clash of clans for PC all about?

If you are a fan of online games then you must have come across games such as Farmville and Cityville which are usually played on Facebook. This is whereby you play and you can invite your friends to play with. These two games have a lot of similarity of clash of clans and if you have ever played them then there is no doubt that you will not have hard time playing. Check out: Temple run for PC

This is a game whereby you will be required to get scores just like any other game. What you need to do is get your empire set with the right weapons and people who are going to help you win other empires. Another thing is that you must be smart enough to win this and become the king who is highly regarded.

Features of clash of clans for PC

  • One of the attractions which you will notice is the interface
  • All the graphics are just great and this will make you be interested in playing clash of clans for PC
  • Sound or we may say the audio is one of the features of clash of clans which you will like
  • If is a free game
  • You can play clash of clans for PC online with your friends
Download Clash of Clans for PC Tutorial
Download Clash of Clans for PC

Download clash of clans for PC

Being android game clash of clans won’t just play on your PC without third party software. This becomes of the requirements to meet before you download this android game. What you need to do is visit Bluestacks official website and download it on your PC. Another requirement is that your PC’s graphic drivers must be up to date and this should be done even before you download Bluestacks. After that you can follow this guide;

  • Open Bluestacks and on the search bar enter clash of clans for PC
  • This will give you results and once you see them click to install clash of clan
  • It will take few minutes if you are working on an excellent internet speed.
  • Once downloading and installing is complete you can feel free to play clash of clans on PC as often as you wish.

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That is how simple you can get this game. However you can get its apk file from google play store. Just go and enter the mode of your phone and download it. With the apk file you can be able to install and play clash of clan. If you have any further question about clash of clans for PC let us know on KanTush.