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WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for PC Download available for Windows 7/8/XP Computer Free

You must have heard of WhatsApp for PC and that is why you are here. Otherwise if this is your first time to hear that you can download this great messenger then we are here to help you know much about it as well as download it. WhatsApp has become one of the greatest communication and many of you can agree with me. It has been downloaded by thousands of people across the world on different devices such as phones, tablets and PC. The reason why this android app has been installed in many phones is the fact that it is one of the apps which is highly suggested on a SmartPhone. Read also: Clash of Clans for PC or Computer

How does WhatsApp for PC work?

We are all hearing people talk about it and actually it is very cheap to communicate using this app. What happens is that you download it and once installed you enter your name and use your phone number for registration. After that your phone numbers are synchronized and all people who are on you contacts and they are on WhatsApp they can be able to see you and you can as well be see them. After that you can be able to pass messages and start conversing. Also if one of the people in your contact list joins WhatsApp you will be able to chat with that person. WhatsApp is more of a social network tool and you can put your profile picture too and update status. Check more UC Browser Mini for PC

Dowload WhatsApp for PC
WhatsApp for PC Download

However, if in case you do not want everyone to see your photo you can be able to limit who sees it. Another thing is that you can block someone from seeing your or accessing anything from you. You can hind the status on what time you were last seen on WhatsApp among other things.

Features of WhatsApp for PC

  • It is a free tool for the first one year
  • You can be able to send unlimited text messages to people
  • You can be able to share long messages or stories using internet
  • Share files such as videos, audios and photos too
  • You can start a group of up to 50 people and chat with them or discuss various matters with them despite their geographical location
  • You can search for chats
  • You can be able to view the list of every person who is on WhatsApp
  • You can update status and profile picture
  • You get notifications when a new message comes in and so you can’t miss a chat
WhatsApp for PC
WhatsApp for PC Download Guide

Download WhatsApp for PC

  • Download Bluestacks which is android emulator a tool that will help in accommodating WhatsApp on your PC. This is because WhatsApp is yet to give us an official version for PC
  • Once you download Bluestacks go to your desktop and click on the its icon
  • When Bluestacks opens go to the search bar and type in WhatsApp for PC
  • Once the results show click to download and WhatsApp will be installed on your PC
  • Enter the required details such as your phone number and after that you will be able to keep in touch with all your friends who are on your sim card contact list

It is that simple friends and you can use it freely with no worry. In case you have got any question related to WhatsApp for PC do not keep it for yourself. Check more tutorial on Kantush Blog.

Download UC Browser Mini

Download UC Browser Mini for PC or Computer (Windows 7/8/XP)

If you have been using android devices then you must be aware of UC Browser Mini. This is a browser which you can download on your phone and use it. We know of browsers like chrome which are very popular and most of us use it on our phones. This is because it is made in a way that you can use it on a phone, tablets as well as PC among other devices. UC Browser Mini is a different kind of a browser and this is because it was developed for handsets and not computers. Though this be the case there is a way in which you can use UC Browser Mini for PC. This is what we are going to discuss about today and give you more information about it

UC Browser Mini for PC
UC Browser Mini

Features of UC Browser Mini for PC

There are many features which comes along with this browser and we are going to lay them down for you. Before we go to that, you may be wondering where this browser came from. If you have been keen on checking on who has developed what then you may have come across UCWeb Inc. this is the company which has brought us UC Browser Mini. Check out for its features below;

  • UC Browser Mini is available for free and you can get it online
  • It is faster when opening the page and gives you the best web page size for visibility purposes
  • It has download manager and helps you save your data thereby giving you a reason to use it
  • It has got a very nice interface
  • It is easy to use
  • Doesn’t allow bug issues
  • UC Browser Mini for PC allows full screen video while watching.
  • It comes with a night mode which you can switch when you are browsing
  • It doesn’t change the look of any website because it optimizes it before opening.
  • UC Browser Mini allows you to multi-task while browsing or downloading.
Download UC Browser Mini
UC Browser Mini download

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Download UC Browser Mini for PC

  • Get on your PC and to the Bluestacks official website. This is where you are going to download Bluestacks app which helps you install android applications on PC
  • If you already have Bluestacks skip this step and move to the next one.
  • Open Bluestacks and on the search bar type UC Browser Mini for PC
  • Once the results show click to download
  • This will take few of your minutes and after that UC Browser Mini will be installed on your PC

Now be ready to use UC Browser Mini on your PC and enjoy it. As you see in the features there is every reason as to why need to download this application for your PC use. If you have any query about UC Browser Mini for PC do not hesitate to write to us KanTush Tech.

Download Temple Run 2

Download Temple Run 2 for PC Windows (XP,7,8)

Hey friends and welcome to our today’s post on how to download temple run 2 for PC which is a running game. We are sure you have loved it from your handset and you definitely want to play it on your PC. We are going to give you a guide on the same and also highlight some of the features which you will come across as you play. By the way it is a very simple and interesting game which you cannot miss to play especially if you love running game. Temple run 2 is available on Google play store being an android game among other sites where you can get offered links. You can as well download WhatsApp for pc and it will as well help you to have this great game on your PC.

Temple run comes in various versions and they are very interesting. There is also temple run brave which you may have as well heard and you can download it too. All this is work of Imangi studios who are actually known by their big games in the market and for sure we expect more from them. They are the same guys who brought Disney which is also a top game in the stores. Temple run 2 for PC has received a huge number of download so far which is a clear indication of how people want this game. And this was one of the reasons why we decide to give you a guide on how you can download it.

Download Temple Run 2
Download Temple Run 2 for PC

Features of temple run 2 for PC

  • Awesome interface is one of the things which your eyes will encounter once you download temple run 2 for PC.
  • While playing you will not be bored by too much silence because there are some nice sounds from the background which motivates you to keep on running.
  • You will run to avoid being captured by some monsters who are running behind you
  • You will come across some trenches in the temple
  • Get to collect as many coins as possible while you are still running.
  • It is all running game whereby you will not complete but get addicted by it.
  • you will be running on the temple
  • Run more miles; get more coins as well as scores.


download temple run for pc

Download temple run 2 for PC for windows 7/8 & APK android

Well, we are going to show you how you can download the apk of temple run 2 for PC and have this game installed on your PC.

  • Go to google play store where you will find all the android games that you may want to install on your device.
  • Write the game name and here we are talking about temple run 2 for PC
  • After that you will be required to enter the model of your android phone and this is what will give access to the apk file for download.
  • After that click on the link and download temple run 2 apk file on your PC

In a case where you are not using apk file you can download and install Bluestacks. Once you have this android emulator you can be able to install any android device on your PC windows.

  • Open Bluestacks and type in temple run 2 for PC
  • Click to download
  • Install it on your PC and enjoy playing temple run 2 for PC.

That’s the simplest guide and you can use it at any time. If you get a challenge when downloading temple run 2 for PC feel free to let us know.